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About the COVID-19 Testing Toolkit

The COVID-19 Testing Toolkit provides information about the different types of COVID-19 tests with emergency use authorization (EUA) as well as what testing services are available, how they work, and what is known about their accuracy. The Toolkit provides resources for employers or decision makers to develop testing strategies to fit their testing needs.

All testing services published in this resource have been verified to use COVID-19 tests that have EUA from the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA). We only include testing services that specify the exact test used, that the used test has EUA, and that the service has a working website to which we can direct individuals.

The COVID-19 Testing Toolkit features a selector tool so that employers or decision makers can pick a reputable testing service (ie, one that is using FDA EUA tests) to incorporate in planning efforts.

The Toolkit and the resources on this website have been developed by the Johns Hopkins Center for Health Security. This project is funded by Lyda Hill Philanthropies and the Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation.

Technical Inquiries

For technical inquiries, please contact Amanda K. Mui, MPH, or Gigi Gronvall, PhD.

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